If you are checking out this page then traveling Australia is occupying a top spot in your bucket list of places to go and see.

Australia travel is epic. Where else can you check out wildlife that is found nowhere else on the earth, see wonders of nature that are so large and expansive they can be seen from space (but you do not have to go to space to see them), meet some of the most fabulous people, taste some incredible foods, and experience cultures that are unique and varied all in one place. Australia is truly a one of a kind place to experience.

At Southern Cross Travel and Tours we have been registered as Aussie Specialists for over 10 years. We make our yearly trip to ‘the land down under’ to check on all the wonderful places we’ve been and find new places to explore. We do this so that we can help you craft your perfect experience. We will not be sending you to some place that was great when we were there 20 years ago, only for you to find out that it is not so great anymore. Traveling has its built in adventures, but with us those adventures are fun stories, not survival stories.


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