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Explore fiery lava flows, vibrant green fern forests and hidden waterfalls. Lounge on Waikiki Beach, cruise down a volcano on a mountain bike at top speed… climb Diamondhead or learn the hula! These are just a few of the activities available in Hawaii, The Islands of “Aloha”. The choice is yours. All you have to do is figure out what you want to do while you’re there.

Hawaii is the most remote island chain in the world – over 2,000 miles from the nearest landfall. It’s made up of eight major islands plus 124 minor islands, reefs and shoals, strung like a necklace across the Pacific for over 1,500 miles. The eight major islands are Oahu, Maui, Hawaii (known as Big Island), Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe (uninhabited) and Niihau (privately owned). Each island has an identity all its own, and each is as varied and colorful as the official state flower, the hibiscus.

If you’re looking for romance, natural beauty, a mix of cultures and traditions, tastes and sounds that can’t be found anywhere else, you’re sure to find them all in Hawaii.


Located two-thirds of the way between Hawaii and New Zealand, Fiji belongs to the group of Pacific islands known as Oceania. With a tropical marine climate and only a slight seasonal temperature variation, it’s a great destination any time of the year.

Fiji has over 300 islands in its archipelago, each fringed with coral reefs and lapped by warm azure waters – the diving and snorkelling are superb. Amid its wealth of natural beauty, Fiji’s true magic lies in its people and the fascinating blend of their diverse cultures. Without a doubt, the most outstanding memory you will take away from a trip to Fiji is the warmth and genuine friendliness of the Fijian people. They are reputed to be among the friendliest people in the world.

If that’s not enough to get you packing, consider that of Fiji’s 332 islands, more than 100 are uninhabited. So whether you’re dreaming of deserted island or inhabited ones…


Tahiti & Her Islands cover over two million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean and is comprised of 118 islands spread over five great archipelagos. Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora – island names that evoke a wonderful state of mind, seducing honeymooners, romantics, adventurers, and vacationers looking for escape. In these South Seas isles, you will discover all the beauty you could wish for, from the colorful reefs and tranquil lagoons to the white coral-sand beaches framing an emerald ocean.

Tahiti is easier to travel to than you might imagine. It’s Faa’a airport is less than 8 hours by air from Los Angeles LAX airport, with daily nonstop flights. Tahiti and all of the French Polynesian islands offer a wealth of activities: snorkeling; diving; shark feeding; Polynesian spas; island tours; overwater bungalows; unique cruise ships; tours of cultured pearl farms; Tahitian wedding ceremonies… just to name a few!

Come to Tahiti and embrace the warmth of your Polynesian hosts, whose love for their islands is evidenced through music, dance, and flowers. It’s a trip you won’t soon forget!


Kia Orana! Welcome to the Cook Islands.

May this be the first of many warm welcomes you receive from the people of the Cook Islands.

The Cook Islands’ is an authentic and refined Pacific experience encased in a lifestyle that exudes warmth, happiness and respect. We are a proud people with a rich culture and a lush tapestry of traditions that entwine with our daily lives. As part of our welcome to you, we would be honoured if you would share our customs and culture, and in this way, become one of us.

The Cook Islands consist of 15 islands with a total population of approximately 19,000, scattered over some 2 million square kilometres of the Pacific Ocean.

They lie in the centre of the Polynesian Triangle, flanked to the west by The Kingdom of Tonga and the Samoas and to the east by Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia.


Vanuatu is an archipelago of 83 islands with a unique blend of intact tribal communities, resorts, beaches and geography ranging from accessible volcanoes to pristine underwater environments, offering unique and memorable experiences.

Vanuatu is the land of so much to see, so much to do with a reputation for interesting, fun and educational activities to suit any travellers expectations, from treks and abseiling to deserted beach picnics and wreck dive explorations to Cultural villages.

The hospitality and invitation to join and participate in Vanuatus cultural, social and sporting activities is uniquely Vanuatu. From the festivals celebrating tribal customs to the big game fishing challenges and the ocean swims, there are always events on offer for those looking to experience something new.

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